Getting Started and Who I Am

As the “About” page indicates, I am not entirely sure what I want to do in this blog.  In part it’s a renewal of a blog I started and quickly abandoned back in 2007, which was about my efforts to trace my Guess family history and explore some of their travels throughout the country, as well as to find out when, from where, and ideally why my various ancestors immigrated to the US/America, something that has proved to be harder than I expected back when I started.  As I am interested in this stuff mostly because I am interested in history (history major from back in college, although many of the topics that interconnect are ones that bored me back in the day when compared to Early Modern Europe or the like), exploring the many historical topics that come up is going to be a major issue, as well as some process-y stuff on doing family history research and using the records (especially as I myself learn), and also the legal context (I’m a lawyer).

As a side topic, I run and bike and occasionally do triathlons and marathons and other races, and am somewhat out of shape at the moment, so will probably also post about goals and things I am trying out in an effort to get back into peak fitness and figure out what works and doesn’t.  Some of this interconnects more than it immediately appears — I’m interested in the history of diet and how people ate, old cookbooks, those agricultural schedules, you name it, and of course building a destination race or bike trip around some area my family once lived or traveled through can be a great motivator, and I will be writing about that.  In other cases I may just link to, post about, or try different diet/training things and if it doesn’t connect so be it.

Finally, of course none of this can be disconnected from thoughts about spirituality (when running in the woods) or politics/current events (history and law have bearings on that for sure) and I will mostly just write about whatever comes up and seems to me to be relevant or connected or worthy of some musing.


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