Westerlins in 1900

So now that all the Westerlin children are (probably) identified, time to see if this helps track down where August and Hedda were n 1900.

From the research summarized in the prior posts (Identifying the Westerlin Children and August and Hedda (Lily’s Parents)), I know that in 1900 the family likely consisted of August and Hedda, born Sweden, ages 42 and 37, and children Jennie (16, born Sweden), Agnes (14, born Sweden), Carl (13, born Sweden), Laura (10, born Sweden), John (8, born Nebraska), Helen (6, born Nebraska), David (4, born Nebraska), and Alice (less than a year, born Nebraska).

Focusing on the birthplace of the children born in Nebraska in or before 1900, based on later Social Security or death records, I found some evidence that  John was born in Nance County, that David was born in Platte or Nance, and that Alice (b. 1900) was born in Genoa, Nance, Nebraska. I couldn’t find a location for the others.  While these were uncertain I had struck out in Dawson so far, so decided to start by focusing on Nance and then Platte.

Because the last name had been recorded in some widely varying ways on various censuses and Westerlin wasn’t pulling up anything, I searched in Nance for August, b. 1858, born in Sweden, with wife and children by first name.  This search quickly pulled up the right family, in Genoa, Nance, Nebraska (I guess Alice’s Social Security application was accurate!), along with birth months and years:

  • P. August Westeland, 42, b. Sweden
  •  Hedda Westeland, 37, b. Sweden
  • Jennie E. Westeland, 16, b, Sweden
  • Agda C. Westeland, 14, b. Sweden
  • Carl E. Westeland, 12, b. Sweden
  • Laura A. Westeland, 10, b. Sweden
  • John A. Westeland, 7, b. Nebraska
  • Helen A. Westeland, 6, b. Nebraska
  • David E. Westeland, 4, b. Nebraska
  • Lilly E. Westeland, 2, b. Nebraska
  • Alice E. Westeland, 1 month, b. Nebraska

Not much question that this is the right family.  Success!


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