Swedish Locations

As explained in In Sweden – Torps and Tenant Farms, the emigration records provided a number of locations for August, Hedda, and their children. Based on research, one next step should be to track down a Swedish Gazetteer to find these places, and I’d also like to see what’s in the naturalization records, but since I haven’t had a chance to do either yet I’ve been nosing around on the internet instead.

One bit of confusion are the parish names–Hedda is identified as having been born in parish Björred, along with her children Agda, Karl, and Laura.  They all also are identified as born in Broddarp, Älvsborg.  The oldest child, Jenny, is identified as born in Öra, Älvsborg and parish Hjärttorp, and August is identified as born in Öra, Älvsborg and parish Oskarsberg.  Hedda’s birth record gives her place of birth as Broddarp, Älvsborg (and gives me the names of her parents, Johan Björkman and Christina Svensdotter), and the children similarly have birth records that line up with the place names given in the emigration records and do not identify parishes.

The problem–as all this seems consistent–is that I cannot find the parishes identified on any listing, and instead both Broddarp and Öra show up as parishes.  Of course, the first issue is that I don’t yet know much about Swedish geographical/administrative practices during the 1880s and 1890s (or at any time), and fixing that may resolve some of my other questions.

In the meantime, I simply looked for Broddarp and Öra on a map and found them in what seems to be the right location, around 4 kilometers apart.


They are a little more than 100 kilometers from Gothenburg, the location of the port from which they left.


A broader view, that allows for a comparison with the map of Älvsborg from the earlier post, is here:

Current Broddarp and Öra are in Herrljunga Kommun, as shown on wiki (in Swedish).  The wiki entry on Herrljunga Municipality includes this helpful map:herrljunga_municipality_in_va%cc%88stra_go%cc%88taland_county

And the entry on Öra parish (in Swedish only, apparently Öra translates to ear in English) provides this:


The outline is of Gäsene District where both parishes are located today.

Finally, for fun, I found a “historic manor” for rent for vacations in the area, which at least provides a little idea of what the area looks like, if nothing close to how my great-great grandparents would have lived.


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