Lakeside Running in Washington State

img_0706I’m in southwestern Washington for the holidays (leaving today), and finished my vacation by going for my first run of December — a leisurely 5 mile jog along a hilly lakeside trail.  Beginning and end was paved, the rest dirt with some rocks and lots of sticks to avoid. A little muddy in places, but mostly not, and as this photo shows it was a gorgeous day.

After a (slow) half marathon in Seattle on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I’ve been taking a break from running in an attempt to rehab a tendon problem in my foot.  Physical therapy has not been effective as I’d hoped (and expected, from past experiences), and after the half my PT suggested that I try laying off running entirely for about a month. This was the first run since then.

Run was great. While it didn’t feel as physically good as it often does (even before the half my training was spotty due to the foot issue, so that I am out of shape is no surprise), it felt good to just get out and get moving, and my stress level is way down afterward, something I need to do better at remembering.  Foot felt fine. Not perfect, but no worse than it is walking around, and it neither affected my running nor feels worse afterwards, so I am hoping that maybe the time off did some good.

With the coming of the New Year (yeah, I’m big into any excuse for a new start), I’m ready to get back to more regular running and to start training for something new:  main spring goal (I think) will be the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati.  Also, it’s time to plan out some early races and other events and put together a training schedule, as well as to post a bit about fitness history and goals.

A few more photos from the run today (didn’t take any of the hills):


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