Running Update: Jan 15, 2017

Before posting the rest of my fitness story and yearly plan, here’s a quick update on my January running.  I am following a marathon training plan aimed at Flying Pig, I am starting slow and planning to just plug away to gradually increase my weekly miles while letting the speed come back as I get more fit. I’m trying to run outside as much as possible, although last week and the week before I ended up doing most runs on the treadmill due to timing and (the first week) cold and me not being adapted yet.

I’ve started wearing the Garmin and am going to try and track consistently, vs. last year when it was too spotty to really be helpful.  Nice to start early in the year so I have a full year’s worth of stats to look forward to.

Now all the cold-weather running gear is out and ready to be worn (just in time for it to get back into the high 20s and low 30s), and my main concern is ice.  Not too bad yesterday, but I did need to watch out for it in spots.

Yesterday’s run followed a hard (for me) 5-mile interval run on the treadmill, so was an easy 3 miles, just intended as a recovery run/relaxation.  Phone batteries died the minute I took these photos too (early in the run), so it was nice to remember that running in the quiet and just looking around, even at the neighborhoods, is a nice way to spend some time.

Current mileage is about 20 miles/week, 5 runs/week goal, long run at 5-6 miles. Only other exercise lately is pilates and some strength training, but I plan to add some swimming next week.


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