Running Update: January 25, 2017

The plan was to do this weekly, so this should have been posted on the 22nd.  Oh, well.  I’ll try to report on Sundays or maybe Mondays going forward.

This past week’s runs featured a lot (3 of 5) runs home from the Loop (varying from 6 to 8 miles, depending on route), so here’s a representative view from a bridge over the river on the way north:


Unlike last week I did not wear the Garmin much, if at all, so want to get back to that. Used Runkeeper to track instead. Miles were up to about 26, with a long run of just over 8. Speed continues to be frustratingly slow, although I am intentionally taking it easy. My natural pace seemed to be increasing slightly this week finally (to be reported on in the next post), but on the whole I am trying to be patient and not worry about it. Foot issues are not entirely gone, but so far don’t seem to be anything disturbing. I may see if I can go back to my physical therapist for a check, but know I need to be better about doing my exercises and stretching as a first step.


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