Jones Family

When I first started looking into family history most of the information I inherited was about my father’s mother’s family, but my dad’s father’s family was something of a mystery. My grandfather died when I was young (so did my dad’s mother), and my father, for various reasons, had never really known the other relatives on that side much and didn’t talk much about what he did know.  (I’ve since gotten a little more, but mostly it’s from childhood memories, so there’s not much.)

I kind of assumed it would be difficult to find out anything due to the common name (Jones) but small towns help, and we did know where (Sedro-Woolley, Skagit, Washington) and when (1910) my grandfather (Cecil Kenneth Jones) was born, as well as his parents’ names.

Here he is as a little boy, with his mother, Bessie Davis Jones, and younger sister Peggy in the first photo, and with the same people plus his father Herbert Henry Jones in the second.


Here he is as an adult, probably when my grandparents were homesteading in Kenai, Alaska.


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