Frank Jones and Annie Humphreys

In the last post (Herbert Henry Jones, b. 1890 in Pomeroy, Garfield, Washington), I had found Herbert Henry Jones’ birthplace and date and the names of his parents, and using that information I was able to track down their marriage certificate in Columbia County, Washington (immediately west of Garfield County). It gives the following information for the marriage of Frank R. Jones and Annie Ellen Humphreys:

  • Married by a minister of the gospel (RH Wills).
  • Date of marriage is July 15, 1881.
  • Marriage took place at the home of Owen Humphreys.
  • Witnesses are EC Spedden and OH Evans.

I have not managed to find Frank R. Jones in Washington in 1880 or after his marriage. Of course, 1890 is a problem year, but I also don’t find him (or Herbert Henry, who would have been around 9 years old) in 1900. I found Annie Humphreys both before and after this period, but between 1880 and 1900, no luck for her either.  Owen Humphreys, on the other hand, who turns out to be Annie’s father, is in Grand Coulee, Lincoln, Washington in 1900, and was born in Wales, but I will return to the Humphreys family later, as Frank Jones is my more recent immigrant ancestor.

What I did manage to find for Frank is an entry in The History of Washington, The Evergreen State, from Early Dawn to Daylight, Vol. 1, Ed.Julian Hawthorne (1893).  The volume ends with a number of short biographies, and on page 622 it states:

Jones, Frank R., grain dealer, of Pomeroy, Wash., was born in England in 1852. His father, William Jones, was an English merchant, his mother, Sophia (Bright) [my note: not correct] Jones, being also a native of the same country. Young Jones emigrated to America in 1870 [my note: he seems to have been in England in 1871, but probably came soon after] and located in Canada. In 1879 he removed to Washington Territory and settled at Pomeroy, where he devoted himself to farming for several years. Prior to coming to Washington he had been in the Government employ as a Surveyor. Giving up farming he engaged in the grain business in the city of Pomeroy, in connection with the firm of Cranatell & Brothers, in whose employ he remained three years, when he left them to idtntify himself with the Pacific Coast Elevator Company, dealers in grain. The facilities of this company for handling grain are the largest of any on the Pacific Coast. Mr. Jones is Manager of the Pomeroy office. They do an annual business of about 750,000 bushels. Mr. Jones was married in 1882 [my note: almost right] to Miss Annie Humphrey, a native of Wisconsin. They have four children. A pleasant home and a fine collection of books add to the comfort of our subject, and speak well for his devotion to mental culture. He is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Ancient Order of United Workmen, a Republican in politics, and altogether a man of that class whom our free republic is ever welcome to receive and glad to utilize, a man of that class who make good citizens wherever the fortunes of life may lead them.


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