Herbert Henry Jones, b. 1858 in England, and His Family in Walla Walla, Washington

Despite the lack of luck (so far) with the US Federal Census and Frank Reeves Jones, I have found Herbert Henry Jones, the uncle of and person for whom my great grandfather appears to be named.

  • In 1900, he is in Walla Walla, Washington, born October 1858 in England, a grain merchant.  Unfortunately the information about immigration and naturalization is not filled in, but he had been married 9 years to Mary, born in Sweden, and the two had a 4 year old daughter Anna, born in Washington.
  • In 1910, he is a grain buyer, still in Walla Walla with the same family, and he and his wife are listed as naturalized, and his immigration date 1882 (I think, the last digit is not 100% clear).
  • In 1920, he is with his wife and still in Walla Walla (the daughter is likely married). He is said to be naturalized in 1910 (she in 1891), and again with 1882 as the immigration date. He is still a grain dealer.
  • In 1930, his daughter and her husband (Annie and Frank Talabere) are living with Herbert and Mary in Walla Walla. Herbert’s immigration year is again 1882, and he seems to be retired. Both Frank and Annie are listed as working in different capacities for a grain company.

A photo of Annie Talabere is here, in the July 8, 2015 entry of the blog http://wallawalladrazanphotos.blogspot.com/.  This site also has a lot of vintage photos of Walla Walla, so is worth exploring.

Here’s a document relating to a property sale by Annie Talabere (and her son?) in 1962, which may indicate an address worth checking out someday, if it is still there:  talabere-property-sale.


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