More on Frank Reeves Jones and Annie Humphreys

Confession time:  the information compiled in the prior posts Jones FamilyHerbert Henry Jones, b. 1890 in Pomeroy, Garfield, Washington, and Frank Jones and Annie Humphreys is all I have been able to find on my own, since in particular I have not found the immigration records for Frank or any census information for him (or for Annie during the period 1880 through 1910 — I do have her in 1870 and 1920 and after). However, a cousin of mine (discovered from the internet) has compiled more information that appears reliable, including from the local Pomeroy newspapers and contact with the family back in England.  I have not had a chance to check any of this, although tracking down the newspaper articles is my next project once I’m back in Washington.

Her blog entries are: and and include a number of photos I do not have.  If interested in Frank Reeve Jones and his family, check them out.

According to her research conclusions, set forth at the links above, “Frank’s younger brother Herbert Henry, joined Frank in the farming business in 1883, coming from England. Their farming operations in Pomeroy were financially unsuccessful and the brothers parted.  We do not know when the family left the Pomeroy area.  What we do know is that Frank Reeve ended up in Myrtle Creek, Oregon working in a lumber mill . There he developed a case of blood poisoning from a hand injury and died in Myrtle Creek at the age of 54.  We have not found his burial.” More on Herbert Henry Jones in the next post.


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