Running Update: February 8, 2017

In Running Update: January 25, 2017, I promised to do weekly updates, and then my life went kind of crazy (partly work, partly the world) and I felt guilty about not keeping to my running plan and didn’t update. Bad habits return, ugh.  I’m not really off-schedule in terms of being able to complete the training plan I’m doing (aimed at Flying Pig as my first A race for the year), but I’m annoyed with myself for letting my weekly miles drop, not getting in swimming yet this year (been doing okay with strength training and some pilates, though), and mostly for letting stress derail me though I know what I should be doing and how to fit it in — run in the morning! Also fell right back into stress eating after about a month of easily eating well again.  So time to stop it, period, and focus on my weekly plans. Also, and this is something I know, but tend to forget when it matters, if time is short for the workout I’ve planned, that’s not a reason to declare the day a failure and skip it. Do what is possible, and that’s better than nothing and often plenty good enough.

So I will do my next update on February 14, as Mondays are going to be the day for this.

I also decided on a couple of races to do prior to Flying Pig.  Since I am–albeit, slowly–planning to do a half or full marathon in all 50 states, I wanted to check off a new state with my half, and decided on the Chattanooga Half on March 5.  Going to treat this like a training run and definitely won’t be in shape yet to go for a PR anyway–I may add in another half prior to the marathon–but it should be fun and gives me something sooner (really soon, in fact) to focus on. The other race I’m definitely doing is not until April 23 and is a local race (almost my neighborhood one, not quite), the Ravenswood 5K.  Always fun, and I realized I haven’t done a 5K in quite a while.


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