Jones Clarifications from the Diddlebury and Other Parish Records


Above is St. Michael’s, the parish church for Munslow, Shropshire (By Roger Kidd, CC BY-SA 2.0, Edward Jones and Sarah Maund were married there on 12 August 1822, and not at St. Peter’s in Diddlebury, as I previously believed (as recently as the last post!).

In My Jones Family in Shropshire, I was confused about the existence of an extra child, Sarah Jones, who appeared in my search of Diddlebury records for children of Edward and Sarah Jones and was identified as having been christened 5 August 1823. That date made no sense with William Jones’s christening date (which was consistent with my other information about Edward and Sarah and their children), there were no other Edward and Sarah Joneses who seemed likely candidates to be young Sarah Jones’s parents, and at least she would have to have died before Edward’s and Sarah’s later child named Sarah (that part is not so unlikely). Happily, images of the Diddlebury parish baptismal records are online, and a review of those solved the mystery. It was just a transcription error. Young Sarah is the daughter of Edward and Sarah Downs, the next entry down from William Jones’s baptismal record (the imaged records also gave a much greater sense of how small the parish was, as the baptisms were a couple of months apart). Seeing this, it was easy to understand how the transcription error happened.

The imaged baptismal records also allowed me to be more certain about the other information about Edward and Sarah’s children, and provided additional information. For example:

  • In 1823, when William was christened, Edward is described as a labourer and the family is identified as living in Westhope. Curate Frank H. Lowe performed the baptismal ceremony.
  • When Jane, Anne Maria, Edmund, Emma, May, and John  were christened (1825 through 1839), Edward was a farmer, and the family at Hill End (consistent with the 1841 Census). The curate who provided the information the first two children was H. N. Beaven (from another source, Herbert Napleton Beaven), and for Edmund through John it was Thomas Rocke.
  • Anne Maria is what the parish records say, not Ann Marie (as it was transcribed).
  • Sarah, the youngest, was christened in 1839 by Thomas Underwood, the vicar. At least two different Underwoods were the vicars of Diddlebury during this period, Thomas from 1838 to 1860, and then Charles from 1860 to 1870.

In reviewing these records, I also noticed a baptismal record for William Maund on 4 Mar. 1835. This William Maund is likely the same William who was with Edward and Sarah in 1851, when he was 16. William’s parents (probably relatives of Sarah Maund Jones) are John and Elizabeth Maund, of Diddlebury Common. According to the same baptismal record, John was a shoemaker. William also had a brother John, christened 5 Feb. 1837, and another, George, christened 9 Feb. 1839. By the 1839 record, the family was in Corfton.

With respect to the church photo at the top of this post, the Diddlebury parish marriage records also revealed that I was wrong to assume that the “Munslow” identified in the transcribed records was the Hundred of Munslow of which Diddlebury was a part, and just how the marriage records were kept. Edward and Sarah’s marriage was not in Diddlebury at all, but can be found with the baptismal records for the parish of Munslow. Sarah Maund was a member of that parish at the time of her marriage. In their marriage entry, Edward is identified as “of the parish of Diddlebury and a bachelor.” The witnesses were Samuel Leighton and Elizabeth Price.


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