Shropshire Parishes

Discovering that I can peruse imaged parish records online has been a tragic threat to my productivity in other areas of life. Before getting into the details of the entries I found, it’s worth looking at the parish boundaries and the specific parishes of most interest to me.To aid with that, here (from the site of Alex Middleton) is a map showing the boundaries for Shropshire and some other counties during the early 1800s.

First, the county as a whole, for context:


And a close-up on the Munslow Hundred:

screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-9-51-26-pmAs this map shows, the parishes around Diddlebury include Stanton Lacy, Munslow, Culmington, Eaton-under-Heywood, Tugford, Holdgate, Bromfield, Acton Scott, and Wistantow, and the map helps me identify other parishes that are near by vs. ones that are farther away.  For example, as discussed in Jones Clarifications from the Diddlebury and Other Parish Records, Edward Jones lived in the parish of Diddlebury, but married Sarah Maund in the parish of Munslow, and similarly the 1841 census has him in Diddlebury but in 1851 he was in Eaton-under-Heywood.


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