Update: A Little More on Shropshire Joneses

When I last left this, I was intending to take a break from Jones family research as too difficult without more information and to turn to the Maund family. However, I decided to look a bit more at my c. 1770 Edward Joneses and ended up spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to sort them all out without much success. I think it was worthwhile, though, as I became much more familiar with the UK census records and the parish records in the process, as well as the need to understand the underlying geography. Ultimately I am going to need some other records to make any further progress, however, because there are just too many Joneses.

To recap from More Joneses from Shropshire Parish Records, my ancestor Edward Jones, whose christening date and parents’ names are the goal of this search, was born around 1771-1775, probably in the Diddlebury area, and married a woman named Ann Maria, probably not in Shropshire. I found him and his wife on the 1841 census at a location identified as Upper Westhope, Munslow, Diddlebury, Shropshire. Edward was born in Shropshire, his wife was not.

The only children of Edward and Ann Maria whom I have managed to identify are William (chr. 1794) and Edward (chr. 1796). Edward married Sarah Maund in 1822. I have not found William in the census, and there are too many possibilities to identify him in the parish records.

With this as background, I will return to the effort to identify the older Edward’s parents (I really need to come up with a way to distinguish all my Edwards when writing these posts). The most likely applicable christening records from Diddlebury and the surrounding area from 1765-1780:

  • Edward, chr. 24 Dec. 1769 in Culmington, parents William and Mary
  • Edward, chr. 28 Jan 1770 in Diddlebury, parents David and Margaret
  • Edward, chr. 14 Feb 1773 in Munslow, parents John and Elizabeth
  • Edward, chr. 9 Jul 1775 in Culmington, parents Edward and Ann
  • Edward, chr. 20 Oct. 1776 in Culmington, parents Edward and Elizabeth

Although I did not limit my search to these parishes (I did initially exclude possibilities from Ludlow, although it is not far, but then I went back and largely eliminated the possibilities from there anyway), these three parishes are next to each other, and the various families I’ve been looking at seem to move between them and a few other surrounding parishes frequently. The map below highlights Culmington and shows its location with respect to Munslow and Diddlebury:

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 8.40.42 PM

Here’s a slightly broader look at the area, with Ludlow highlighted:

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 5.33.32 AM

Back to the list of possible Edwards, a bit of poking around at least eliminated Edward, son of William and Mary Jones, because he died in 1776.

  • Edward, chr. 24 Dec. 1769 in Culmington, parents William and Mary
  • Edward, chr. 28 Jan 1770 in Diddlebury, parents David and Margaret
  • Edward, chr. 14 Feb 1773 in Munslow, parents John and Elizabeth
  • Edward, chr. 9 Jul 1775 in Culmington, parents Edward and Ann
  • Edward, chr. 20 Oct. 1776 in Culmington, parents Edward and Elizabeth

Of the other four (including my ancestor), four possible matching burial entries jumped out: Edward of the Hope, Stanton Lacy, buried on 8 Jan 1846 at 73 (so likely born in or around 1772), Edward of Hayton’s Bent, Culmington, buried on 29 Jan 1842 at age 66 (so likely born in or around 1775), Edward of Homan Bank [?], Rushbury, buried on 7 Aug 1841, age 70 (so likely born in or around 1771), and Edward of Wethersley, Stokesay, buried on 16 Aug 1842 at age 65 (so born in or around 1776 or 1777).

Six entries in the 1841 and (in some cases) 1851 censuses also appeared possibly relevant. Note: unlike the 1851 census, the rules for the 1841 census told takers to rounded ages down to the next lowest increment of 5, so that someone 63 was supposed to be listed as 60. That’s why the dates are given in ranges when ages were identified as, say, 55 or 60. In some cases, more exact ages were given anyway, however.

  1. First, the one mentioned above that I have identified as my ancestor Edward and his wife Ann Maria. I was not able to find either my ancestor Edward or his wife in the 1851 census, although I found his son and family. Consistent with the census, I was able to find a burial record for Edward’s wife Ann Maria in Westhope in 1846, but have not found one for Edward himself.
  2. Second, one in Lower Hayton, Stanton Lacy, for Edward Jones (b. 1772-1776), his wife Sarah (same age), and likely sons Thomas and John (both b. 1807-1811). In 1851, Hayton’s Bent and Lower Hayton are together as a separate census area, rather than part of Stanton Lacy and Culmington. Sarah Jones (b. abt. 1774), Edward’s likely widow, and her sons John (b. abt 1808) and Thomas (b. abt 1811) are in Hayton’s Bent. This, then, is the same family that was in Culmington in 1841, and is consistent with Edward’s burial record being the one from Hayton’s Bent, Culmington, dated 29 Jan 1842.
  3. Third, one in Longville Chapel, Wistanstow, for Edward Jones (b. 1772-1776) and his probable wife Sarah. Sarah is listed as b. 1767-1771, and older than Edward, which may be useful in identifying her. Edward Jones of Longville Chapel, Wistanstow was still alive in 1851, but seems to have been widowed. He was identified as born in 1780 (making him too young to be one of my Edwards if accurate, but it may not be), and was living with a niece and nephew, Emma and Thomas Lockley, ages 19 and 27 (likely married to each other). I found their marriage record, in Madeley, and Emma is the daughter of a William Jones. I have not found a burial record for this Edward, and I also could not find him in the 1861 census. I think it is quite possible that this Edward is not connected with any in my christening list, but it is premature to conclude anything.
  4. Fourth, an entry for Edward Jones (b. 1777-1781) in Aldon in Stokesay, with wife Mary, same age, and likely daughter Sarah (b. 1802-1806). Edward Jones of Aldon, Stokesay appears to have died prior to 1851, but his widow Mary was still living in the same location as in 1841, and was identified as born in 1780 (consistent with 1841), with son William (age 26). Both Mary and William were identified as born in Stokesay, and as a farmer’s widow and son. Based on this and the other children I found, I think Mary is the former Mary Edwards and she and Edward married in 1801 in Stokesay. Edward’s burial record is the one from Stokesay dated 16 Aug, 1842, giving his age as 65. Mary and William are still in the same location in 1861, specifically Wethersley Farm in Aldon, and their ages are reported consistent with 1851.
  5. Fifth, one in Rushbury, for Edward Jones (b. abt 1773) and wife Sarah (b. abt. 1772), plus possible grandchild Elizabeth (age 5), Richard Owen (age 24), Martha Owen (age 27), and infant John (I found the marriage record for Richard and Martha, in Tasley, and Martha’s father is Edward Jones). Sarah Jones, Edward’s wife, is still in Rushbury and is identified as a widow, age 81, in 1851. Edward matches the burial record from Rushbury, making him likely born in or around 1771. Sarah is living next to Ann Wall (age 52) and her son Samuel, and one of the likely marriage records for Edward and Sarah is from 1794 in Rushbury and in that record her maiden name is Wall.
  6. Sixth, and finally, there is an entry from Hope, Stanton Lacy, with Edward Jones (b. 1777-1781). He is not married (or widowed?) and is living with Mary and Frances Warburton, who seem to be unmarried sisters of about his age (although their ages are off on the census–too young–supporting the idea that Edward’s might be too). I cannot find any connection between the Warburtons and Joneses. Stanton Lacy in 1851 has many Joneses, including the family of William Jones (b. abt 1775), the family of Thomas Jones (b. abt. 1816), but Edward was living alone in 1841, and seems not to be in the 1851 census. This is consistent with him being the Edward in the burial record from Hope, Stanton Lacy dated 8 Jan 1846, and the location connection makes me think that record is him, at least.

So does any of this help?

Mostly what I have done is decided that none of the burial records I found apply to my Edward Jones at all. Other than striking one off the list of christening records, I don’t think I am any closer to figuring out which (if any of the other four) belongs to my ancestor Edward. I need more records.  But I do think I understand more about the context that will help me in evaluating those other records.

One final bit of information:  I did manage to figure out that of the parents listed with the five christening records for Edward Joneses, William (who married Mary) and Edward (who married Ann), both of Culmington, are brothers. Their parents are Edward Jones of Diddlebury parish and Sage Edwards of Culmington parish, who married in Bromfield parish on 22 Feb 1730 (thank goodness for the uncommon name Sage!). Edward’s and Sage’s children include Martha (chr. 1732, Diddlebury), Anne (chr. 1734, Culmington), Jane (chr. 1737, Diddlebury), Edward (chr. 1739, Diddlebury), and William (chr. 1742, Diddlebury). I have not found the daughters’ marriages, if any, but I did find out-of-wedlock births that could be relevant: one to Martha Jones (Thomas, chr. 1755 in Munslow) and two to Jane Jones (Thomas, chr. Mar 1763, and Ann, chr. Dec 1763, both in Munslow). Sage Edwards Jones, then a widow, was buried in Culmington in 1765, and Edward Jones likely was buried in Culmington in 1756.

Edward’s and Sage’s son Edward had the following children (dates given are christening dates): William (1765), Ann (1768), Sage (1770), Thomas (1773), Edward (1775), Mary (1780), Kitty (1782), Richard (1785), and perhaps Jane (1791). Of course the time span here is too long, so there may be a second wife or a younger (or older) couple with the same names. Edward’s and Sage’s son William had the following children over the same  general period of time, also in Culmington: Edward (1769), Molly (1773), Sage (1776), John (1777), and then possibly Jane (1779), Ann (1781), and William (1782) in Diddlebury.  I again found an out-of-wedlock birth, of William, christening date 1792, son of one of these Sage Joneses in Diddlebury.

The discovery of this connection made me wonder if I could find connections between any of the other families I had identified, but so far no luck there.  I did try to identify other children of the other families too, to see if knowing siblings would help me sort them out, but all the names (besides Sage) are far too common, especially for the men whom I can rely on to keep their surnames.  But for future reference, should it be useful: Edward and Elizabeth had Edward (1776) and Mary (1779), christened in Culmington, and then possibly John (1785) and John (1786), christened in Stanton Lacy. David and Margaret were slightly older than the others and had the following children christened in Diddlebury: Samuel (1755), Ann (1760), Mary (1762), and John (1765), as well as Edward (1770). For John and Elizabeth I have only identified one child, Edward (1773), christened in Munslow.


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