Running Update: March 20, 2017

It’s a Monday!  I’m going to try to do these consistently on Mondays going forward.

Not that the last two weeks have been much to write about. After a good amount of early snow, and then no snow at all in January and February, we finally got some for St. Patrick’s Day (well sort of, the city celebrated it with the parade last weekend, since apparently it always has to be the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, even when the day is on a Friday), and then we got the snow on Sunday through Tuesday or so, which was mostly gone again by Friday anyway.  But this is around my neighborhood for at least part of the week.

The snow isn’t really an excuse for missing any runs, of course, as it wasn’t that bad and only affected days in which the treadmill was a reasonable alternative anyway. I just took the photos, so wanted to post them.

I had planned (and wrote about) doing a suburban St. Patrick Day themed half marathon on Sunday, to help with the mental block I seem to have with doing my long runs on my own.  On Sunday morning I decided I just didn’t want to get up early enough to drive out to the ‘burbs (the particular drive in question isn’t my favorite anyway) and that I would just run the distance on my own after all–or the half marathon distance anyway (I was supposed to do 16 according to my training plan, but was already planning to shorten that because I’ve been so inconsistent). It was a lovely day, and rather than go out to a trail I just did a longer (8 mile) and then shorter loop around the neighborhoods.  Here’s a photo of the statute of Lincoln from the intersection of Lincoln, Western, and Lawrence, which I passed on both loops (with the oh-so-scenic Walgreens in the background):


As usual with my long runs, the run itself was fun, although getting going was more of a challenge than it should have been. It is embarrassing to say this every week, but this current week my goal is just to be more consistent. One thing, which again I know I’ve written before, is I need to stop using the inability to do the perfect run I planned on as a reason to skip the day entirely and think I’m going to rearrange everything. So this week I will run on every day I plan to run in my training plan.

Other news: I completed (with some breaks) and continue to benefit from the 21 days of Calm with the Calm app, and will continue with the goal of doing 30 days in a row.


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