Running Update: April 5, 2017

I know I’m over a week late on this.  Was wondering if doing it every week made sense as every post seemed to be the same: “need to be more consistent, but I have a good plan for next week!”  The last two weeks were no different. I have (largely) gotten back into the morning running habit, and here are photos of a standard early morning run around the neighborhood, with the sun just starting to come up (I do like starting in the dark and finishing in the light):

I’m struggling in other ways, including getting my head around the time needed for my weekend long run if I don’t go first thing in the morning (something I seem to lack the discipline for too often this year), as the weekends can get away from me so easily. Also, without a specific thing to track — for some reason I haven’t been posting about total miles consistently, maybe because some weeks I am down on myself about it — it’s hard to know what I am intending to post about. This week the plan is to finally do my 16 mile long run, which I’ve put off the past two weeks, and again to hit my weekly mile plan. Then I will start deciding whether the Flying Pig Marathon is still realistic or if I should do the half instead. I’ve been resistant to wearing the Garmin and tracking HR and other stats (cadence, which I should be working on), not sure why, but maybe that’s something to add in next week also.

A few more photos from runs around the city:


Newberry Library — I’ve been meaning to do research here forever, but never really have. It’s a nice run to or from my place, though, and now I finally have a newly active card allowing me to go in there and do some research.

And this odd statute is now in Pioneer Court (on Michigan Ave), apparently has been for months, but I only just noticed it when cutting through between downtown and the lake path:

weird statute


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