Jonah Reeve and Elizabeth Houston of Bocking, Essex

Following up from Sophia Reeve and the Reeve Family, Sophia’s father Samuel Houston Reeve was the son of Jonah, a grocer in Bocking, and his wife Elizabeth, who had numerous children. These included (1) Elizabeth (born Jan 1774), (2) Sarah (born Nov 1775), (3) Mary (born May 1777), (4) Rebeckah (born Oct 1778), (5) Joseph (born May 1780), (6) Ruth Ann (born June 1782), (7) Thomas Houston (born Jun 1784), (8) Hephzibah (born Dec 1785), (9) Sophia (born Feb 1788), (10) William Beckwith (born July 1789), (11) John Foster (born July 1790), (12) Samuel Houston (5th son, 11th living child — by this point Sophia may have died) (born Aug 1795), and (13) Sophia (born Jan 1798 — this one finally gave Elizabeth’s maiden name, Houston).

Jonah, born 1746, was buried in the Protestant Dissenters’ Burying Ground in Bocking by Thomas Craig (minister at Bocking Independent Church) on 21 Aug 1807.  He married Elizabeth Houston on 18 Mar 1773 at St Helen Bishopgate in London. Jonah was identified as of the parish of Bocking, Essex, and Elizabeth as of the parish and a minor. Thomas Houston was a witness.


(Attribution for the photo to Ionpicman (CC-BY-SA-3.0).)  Wiki provides the following information:

St Helen’s Bishopsgate is…the largest surviving parish church in the City of London and it contains more monuments than any other church in Greater London except Westminster Abbey…. It was the parish church of William Shakespeare when he lived in the area in the 1590s. In 1608, Sir Alberico Gentili, the founder of the science of international law, was buried in the church.

More on the Shakespeare connection, such as it is.  Also here, and here, and here.

I likely would have been stuck with this information for Jonah until I have a chance to dig into other record sources, but (from a cousin on this side I’ve never met), I found this website detailing her research and sources on Jonah and Elizabeth.

From the wills, the husbands of the various sisters of Samuel Houston Reeve can be identified, and I will follow up on this in a later post. Jonah’s Reeve family is also traced back here, as part of the same cousin’s research.

Because so much work has already been done on the Reeve family, I will focus on Elizabeth’s family next, as well as Samuel’s siblings in the hope of finding out more about Sophia’s life after his death (when she would have been an infant).


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