Samuel Houston Reeve’s Siblings and Their Families

Samuel Houston Reeve was the second youngest of 13 children, 12 who lived to adulthood. Learning more about his siblings and their families is likely to explain more about his own life and uncover any relationships that they may have had with Samuel’s children after he died at only 31. It also may show more about the times in which they lived to trace the families forward like I did with the Jones and Maund relatives (see …And Maund and Cound Families, Going Forward (Part 1) and subsequent posts).

[When available, I will edit this post to put in links to the subsequent ones in this series.]

In looking into his siblings, two or three obvious groupings stood out.  Several of the families emigrated to Canada, while others stayed back in England, either in the Bocking area or moving to the London area. Since some of them seemed to move back and forth (and it was common to marry someone from London, as when Jonah Reeve married Elizabeth Houston), I am not sure how much of the Bocking vs. London distinction makes for two separate groupings.  In any case, my first posts will be on those who went to Canada.


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