This blog and the title (My American Journeys) represents an effort to loosely connect everything I want to write about lately.  Primarily, it is a place to share (and think through) family history research and the related context — historical and cultural, mostly, but could be anything — that the research brings up.  But it is also a place to talk about what’s going on in my life — my experiments with fitness, training/races, and diet and news relating to nutrition and training that interest me. Since I have a goal of doing a marathon or half marathon in all 50 states, I can possibly connect this to the theme in that way, as well as the general idea of journeying. And, given that these are (sigh) interesting times, I may comment on thoughts about any number of other things as well.  Blogs should be more precisely about something, in my mind, but nevertheless this is what I want to do, for now.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello

    I just notice your blog when I googled ‘Maunds in Diddlebury’. I am struggling as like you, found so many Maunds here -my 5th great grandfather was a Thomas Maund (no birth or death date yet) and his son was George (1779-1839) who married a cousin? -Martha (1795 -1871). There are an awful lot of Roberts, Margarets and Marthas. I live in the West Midlands so will be going to investigate in the parish at some point. I presume all the Maunds must be connected and notice that there are plenty still in the area. I am new to blogs so can’t actually tell what you name is from this site.

    Best regards

    Jenny Emery


  2. I’m Stephanie Jones. (And speaking of, I have Jones ancestors in Shropshire and in Wales, imagine the fun of that!)

    Your Maunds are in and around Diddlebury too, then? It looks to me like they might all be related and from Herefordshire originally. They still seem to be mostly concentrated there, Shropshire, Worcestershire, and nearby.My family seems to have endless Annes and Sarahs and Williams and Edwards! That’s great you aren’t too far away. If you learn anything interesting let me know–I have some Maund posts up, and plan to do more when I learn more.


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