Sophia Reeve and the Reeve Family

I really haven't been keeping up on this lately -- been busy, mostly, but I will try to be more consistent. I realized that after posting The Jones Family in Kent, England, where I found Frank Reeve Jones's parents William and Sophia, that I had spent quite a lot of time following up on William Jones's … Continue reading Sophia Reeve and the Reeve Family


Westerlins in 1900

So now that all the Westerlin children are (probably) identified, time to see if this helps track down where August and Hedda were n 1900. From the research summarized in the prior posts (Identifying the Westerlin Children and August and Hedda (Lily’s Parents)), I know that in 1900 the family likely consisted of August and Hedda, … Continue reading Westerlins in 1900