The Humphreys Family: Wisconsin to Washington State

Although the Humphreys returned to Wisconsin after the first move west, the desire to seek out land or opportunity further west apparently remained. Although Owen was still in Springvale when the Civil War draft registration occurred in 1863, by the time of the next Federal Census in 1870, the family had again moved to Minnesota, … Continue reading The Humphreys Family: Wisconsin to Washington State


Update: A Little More on Shropshire Joneses

When I last left this, I was intending to take a break from Jones family research as too difficult without more information and to turn to the Maund family. However, I decided to look a bit more at my c. 1770 Edward Joneses and ended up spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to sort … Continue reading Update: A Little More on Shropshire Joneses

Shropshire Parishes

Discovering that I can peruse imaged parish records online has been a tragic threat to my productivity in other areas of life. Before getting into the details of the entries I found, it's worth looking at the parish boundaries and the specific parishes of most interest to me.To aid with that, here (from the site of … Continue reading Shropshire Parishes


Swedish Locations

As explained in In Sweden – Torps and Tenant Farms, the emigration records provided a number of locations for August, Hedda, and their children. Based on research, one next step should be to track down a Swedish Gazetteer to find these places, and I'd also like to see what's in the naturalization records, but since I … Continue reading Swedish Locations