Canadian Reeves, Part 1

It's taken me a while to get back to this, since doing any research in Canada is new to me, and I've been a little frustrated by the lack of records for the period I am currently interested in. As noted below more specifically, at least it's allowed me to identify a reason to go … Continue reading Canadian Reeves, Part 1


Shropshire Parishes

Discovering that I can peruse imaged parish records online has been a tragic threat to my productivity in other areas of life. Before getting into the details of the entries I found, it's worth looking at the parish boundaries and the specific parishes of most interest to me.To aid with that, here (from the site of … Continue reading Shropshire Parishes

Family Discussion at Christmas, and Something on My Grandparents

No, not the uncomfortable stuff, or the topics being ignored or carefully not responded to that are likely especially common in the US in December 2016. I mean using this as an opportunity to talk to older relatives (in this case my mother and father, since the generation older than that is mostly dead and … Continue reading Family Discussion at Christmas, and Something on My Grandparents

In Sweden – Torps and Tenant Farms

Returning to the emigration records to see what else can be learned, I find that Hedda was born in Broddarp, Älvsborg (now Västra Götaland), parish Björred, and in 1891 was identified as a tenant farmer's wife (arrendatorshustru) living a farm called Soldat Torp 417. Jenny (the oldest, at 8), was born in Öra, Älvsborg, parish Hjärttorp, and in 1891 lived … Continue reading In Sweden – Torps and Tenant Farms