Running Update: April 12, 2017

Big event last week was that I got back into morning running once again, and then -- with my mind kicking and screaming against it at first -- managed to get out of the house first thing Saturday morning for a long run. The plan was to run about 1.5 miles from my place to … Continue reading Running Update: April 12, 2017


Running Update and Race Report: March 12, 2016

My latest one yet! The funny thing is I almost posted this last Sunday night, but decided to wait until the next day and then just never got to it. So anyway, last Sunday I ran the Chattanooga Half Matathon. Checked Tennessee off my list of states (although I have a very long way to go), and … Continue reading Running Update and Race Report: March 12, 2016

Running Update: February 8, 2017

In Running Update: January 25, 2017, I promised to do weekly updates, and then my life went kind of crazy (partly work, partly the world) and I felt guilty about not keeping to my running plan and didn't update. Bad habits return, ugh.  I'm not really off-schedule in terms of being able to complete the training … Continue reading Running Update: February 8, 2017


Fitness Ups and Downs (Part 1)

Before jumping into my plans for 2017 and why, a quick recap of my fitness history: Early 2000s, really got into shape for the first time.  Changed my diet and started focusing on home cooking and gardening and eating as seasonally as possible and found that quite motivational.  Decided to do a triathlon and did … Continue reading Fitness Ups and Downs (Part 1)