Canadian Reeves, Part 1

It's taken me a while to get back to this, since doing any research in Canada is new to me, and I've been a little frustrated by the lack of records for the period I am currently interested in. As noted below more specifically, at least it's allowed me to identify a reason to go … Continue reading Canadian Reeves, Part 1


…And Maund and Cound Families, Going Forward (Part 1)

Now that I've seen how far back I can trace back my Shropshire ancestors (for now, anyway), what I am even more interested in is finding out what became of those in the families who stayed in England and what they were doing during the time when my ancestors were coming to the US and … Continue reading …And Maund and Cound Families, Going Forward (Part 1)

Broddarp and Öra Parish Churches

My lack of knowledge about the Westerlins (discussed in Family Discussion at Christmas, and Something on My Grandparents) extends to their religion or religious practices.  I have no reason to believe they emigrated for anything other than economic reasons (and the religious reasons that existed at the time when Vilhelm Moberg's The Emigrants* began would no … Continue reading Broddarp and Öra Parish Churches