Jan Guess Jones (13 Sept 1942 to 14 Dec 2017)

As mentioned in the prior post, my mom was labeling and organizing a lot of family photos in the 2016 and 2017, and was excited to show me what she had done during the holidays at the end of 2016. Some of the ones of her were ones I had been long familiar with, some … Continue reading Jan Guess Jones (13 Sept 1942 to 14 Dec 2017)


Returning to the Blog: What’s Been Going On

I started this blog a bit more than a year ago, and for a variety of reasons have not been posting for a while. Life has been crazy and stressful (not all bad, but I have not been good about keeping up with my training plans and moved almost all my big race plans into … Continue reading Returning to the Blog: What’s Been Going On

Westhope, Diddlebury, Shropshire

The census records discussed in The Jones Family in Kent, England gave William Jones' birthplace as either Diddlebury, Shropshire, or Westhope, Shropshire, and his date of birth as around 1823. They also identified various sisters: Jane Jones, b. abt. 1826, Mary Jones, b. abt. 1836, and Emma Jones, b. abt. 1834). The birthplaces for the sisters was … Continue reading Westhope, Diddlebury, Shropshire


Getting Started and Who I Am

As the "About" page indicates, I am not entirely sure what I want to do in this blog.  In part it's a renewal of a blog I started and quickly abandoned back in 2007, which was about my efforts to trace my Guess family history and explore some of their travels throughout the country, as … Continue reading Getting Started and Who I Am