Confirming Paper Research with DNA

In a post or two, I will link a few pieces on how to properly use DNA matches to map chromosomes and confirm paper research, and I'm not promising that my rough run-down here meets those standards in every case.  I'll come back to that. But I did want to create a quick record of … Continue reading Confirming Paper Research with DNA


K2b mtDNA

I will summarize here what I've discovered about the K2b mtDNA haplogroups, which as mentioned above seem to be somewhat rare, especially K2b2. (As discussed in a later post, my matrilineal line is one of my brick walls, and I do have an intriguing mtDNA match who is also a general autosomal match). Two sources … Continue reading K2b mtDNA

Westhope, Diddlebury, Shropshire

The census records discussed in The Jones Family in Kent, England gave William Jones' birthplace as either Diddlebury, Shropshire, or Westhope, Shropshire, and his date of birth as around 1823. They also identified various sisters: Jane Jones, b. abt. 1826, Mary Jones, b. abt. 1836, and Emma Jones, b. abt. 1834). The birthplaces for the sisters was … Continue reading Westhope, Diddlebury, Shropshire