May 22, 2017: General Update

Long time since I posted, and obviously I have not been keeping up with the running updates. I decided to postpone the marathon I was aiming for in early May. More specifically, I was going to drop down to the half, but then realized it was even easier to postpone until 2018, and since I … Continue reading May 22, 2017: General Update


Running Update: February 8, 2017

In Running Update: January 25, 2017, I promised to do weekly updates, and then my life went kind of crazy (partly work, partly the world) and I felt guilty about not keeping to my running plan and didn't update. Bad habits return, ugh.  I'm not really off-schedule in terms of being able to complete the training … Continue reading Running Update: February 8, 2017

Westerlin Tasks on My To-Do List

My main goal for this specific project is to identify when my immigrant ancestors came over, where they came from, and why (if possible), as well as what life was like for them before and after the immigration. At this point I will take stock of what I know so far about August and Hedda … Continue reading Westerlin Tasks on My To-Do List