The Humphreys Family–Wales to Wisconsin

Time to take a break from the efforts to trace various Shropshire relatives forward and to return to tracing back my ancestors to the time of their immigration to the US. As mentioned in Frank Jones and Annie Humphreys and Herbert Henry Jones, b. 1890 in Pomeroy, Garfield, Washington, my great-great-grandmother Anna Ellen (Annie) Humphreys was born in … Continue reading The Humphreys Family–Wales to Wisconsin


Maund and Cound Families, Going Forward (Part 3)

I have not had as much luck with the oldest Maund sibling, Elizabeth, as with her brother John and sister Mary, so this post will be comparatively brief. Elizabeth was christened in 1792, and Richard Price (sometimes Preece, which is consistent with the derivation and historical pronunciation), also of the Munslow parish, on 25 Mar … Continue reading Maund and Cound Families, Going Forward (Part 3)