Broddarp and Öra Parish Churches

My lack of knowledge about the Westerlins (discussed in Family Discussion at Christmas, and Something on My Grandparents) extends to their religion or religious practices.  I have no reason to believe they emigrated for anything other than economic reasons (and the religious reasons that existed at the time when Vilhelm Moberg's The Emigrants* began would no … Continue reading Broddarp and Öra Parish Churches


Swedish Locations

As explained in In Sweden – Torps and Tenant Farms, the emigration records provided a number of locations for August, Hedda, and their children. Based on research, one next step should be to track down a Swedish Gazetteer to find these places, and I'd also like to see what's in the naturalization records, but since I … Continue reading Swedish Locations

Leaving Sweden by Ship

Passenger list information (in conjunction with the information from the emigration records) reveals that Hedda and the children departed Sweden on a ship named the Romeo, leaving from Goteborg, Sweden for Hull, England on 27 Feb 1891). This only would have got them to England, as the Romeo's route was from Scandinavia to Hull, and … Continue reading Leaving Sweden by Ship


In Sweden – Torps and Tenant Farms

Returning to the emigration records to see what else can be learned, I find that Hedda was born in Broddarp, Älvsborg (now Västra Götaland), parish Björred, and in 1891 was identified as a tenant farmer's wife (arrendatorshustru) living a farm called Soldat Torp 417. Jenny (the oldest, at 8), was born in Öra, Älvsborg, parish Hjärttorp, and in 1891 lived … Continue reading In Sweden – Torps and Tenant Farms


Tracking the Westerlins Back to Sweden

Full disclosure: I originally obtained the information about the Westerlins in Sweden (and learned of the emigration records) from a Swedish participant on the Genealogy Wise site. Upon returning to my efforts (after losing some of my old work that was on a computer that died -- a lesson here!), I couldn't remember the name … Continue reading Tracking the Westerlins Back to Sweden