Broddarp and Öra Parish Churches

My lack of knowledge about the Westerlins (discussed in Family Discussion at Christmas, and Something on My Grandparents) extends to their religion or religious practices.  I have no reason to believe they emigrated for anything other than economic reasons (and the religious reasons that existed at the time when Vilhelm Moberg's The Emigrants* began would no … Continue reading Broddarp and Öra Parish Churches


Swedish Locations

As explained in In Sweden – Torps and Tenant Farms, the emigration records provided a number of locations for August, Hedda, and their children. Based on research, one next step should be to track down a Swedish Gazetteer to find these places, and I'd also like to see what's in the naturalization records, but since I … Continue reading Swedish Locations

In Sweden – Torps and Tenant Farms

Returning to the emigration records to see what else can be learned, I find that Hedda was born in Broddarp, Älvsborg (now Västra Götaland), parish Björred, and in 1891 was identified as a tenant farmer's wife (arrendatorshustru) living a farm called Soldat Torp 417. Jenny (the oldest, at 8), was born in Öra, Älvsborg, parish Hjärttorp, and in 1891 lived … Continue reading In Sweden – Torps and Tenant Farms